Broadband FAQ

Can I use a MAC or is this just for PC’s?

Yes you can use a mac for our broadband. Just let us know when ordering.

Can I upgrade to ADSL if I have ISDN?

ISDN is currently incompatible with ADSL broadband. Your IDSN line would need to be converted to a standard analogue telephone line first.

What does ADSL stand for?

The acronym ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.

How does ADSL work?

ADSL broadband uses your existing telephone line by splitting it into two channels – one for voice and the other for the high speed data connection. The high speed data connection uses a higher frequency range not used in normal voice communications.
The signal is carried by two broadband modems – one in your home/office and other in the BT telephone exchange. ADSL allows you to use the line for normal voice communication as well as high speed/broadband access at the same time.

What equipment do I need to connect?

An ADSL router or modem is required to connect your computer/network to the ADSL enabled phone line. You will also need the appropriate connectivity software and hardware for your computer and an ADSL microfilter/splitter on each BT phone socket or extension to avoid any interference. ADSL modems usually connect to the computer via a USB port and ADSL routers typically connect to a computer/network using a 10base-T(UTP) Ethernet interface. Your computer will need to have a suitable Ethernet interface and will need to run TCP/IP networking software.

Do I have to have a BT phone line to get ADSL Broadband?

Yes. ADSL services can only be provided over standard BT analogue exchange lines where the exchange has been ADSL enabled by BT and the quality of the line is sufficient to support ADSL broadband.

Do I still need to pay BT for the telephone line rental?

Yes. You will still need to pay BT for the line rental and for calls on that line, as the ADSL broadband service uses your normal BT analogue exchange line to provide the high speed Internet access.

How long does it take to install?

BT will first need to do the necessary line checks. It normally takes around 5-10 days for the service to be enabled by BT at your local telephone exchange.

What is a microfilter/splitter and why do I need one?

Microfilters are small devices that plug into a BT telephone socket and ADSL broadband socket and must be the first device plugged into the BT socket. This reduces interferences on your telephone. The microfilter must be connected to each BT socket if it has any device connected to it on the line the ADSL service is enabled for.

Should I have a firewall?

Yes. We strongly advise all Internet users have a firewall to protect their computer/network.

How much is a gigabyte?

A gigabyte is a unit of information equal to one billion bytes (1,073,741,824) or 1024 megabytes.

Can I host a web server on an ADSL line?

It is technically possible, but we would not recommend it for anything critical as performance could be poor. A service level agreement or guarantee is provided and are not generally as reliable as normal leased line circuits.

When I use broadband – why does my phone line make a buzzing noise?

This could be due to incorrect use of the ADSL microfilters/splitters. Check that devices are plugged in correctly to every BT telephone socket.

Why would you require a static IP address?

A static IP address may be required for running your own mailserver or if you are connecting your company network and need access through their firewall. Many virtual private network (VPN) implementations require a static IP address.

What specification of computer is required for broadband?

You must make sure your computer/network and ADSL modem /router are compatible with the ADSL equipment. Speak to us, we can help.

Should I use an inactivity timeout?

Although some modem and router settings will allow you to specify an inactivity timeout we recommend that these are not used and advise that the inactivity timeout is disabled.

What is NAT (Network Address Translation/Translator)?

NAT is a method used by routers and some proxy server software of connecting multiple local computers to the Internet using one IP address.

Can I use your SMTP outgoing mail servers from anywhere?

As long as you are using our broadband Internet access, you will be able to use our SMTP outgoing mail servers. You will need to let us know what email address you are sending as so that we can enable this on your line. We do this to stop spamming.