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Technical Analysis Services

We provide technical consultancy services to help you make decisions based on informed, well-focused technical analysis. Do you want to break into a new market, or to improve your profitability by installing new information systems? You may already have taken outside advice, but we can assess the technical feasibility of your plans and provide an independent analysis of the associated business risks.
How many of your business problems are actually technical problems?

Experienced IT Consultants

We have IT consultants with a wide range of expertise and experience. If you have a problem with your existing information systems, we’ll help you solve it. If you have a software project that’s progressing too slowly, our consultants will analyse it impartially and help you get it back on track.

IT Consultancy Services

Our IT consultants listen carefully to their clients so that they understand not only the technical issues but also their business context. Their advice is detailed and precise, whilst always made clear.

Technical Review

We can do a technical review of current hardware and software use within your organisation, identifying any improvements or enhancements which could be made with your current assets.  A technical review also incorporates a brief project workflow and network infrastructure assessment.

Project Workflow

We can provide an analysis of your business software usage and recommendations on how you can improve your project workflow and performance, thus increasing quality and profit.

Security Review

A security review is an assessment of specific controls existing in a specific operating or development environment, for example Windows Server or Apple Mac.
The review will consider the overall culture of the organisation and examine the policies and procedures designed and implemented to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of technical systems.

What does it involve? 
The review team will consider:

  • The risks faced by the company
  • The policies designed to manage these risks
  • How these policies have been translated into specific controls
  • Procedures that have been put in place.

The review will include an assessment of how well the detailed controls designed by the software supplier have been implemented in practice and how well any specific security packages have been implemented.

What benefits will you get from a security review? 
You will receive practical advice on how to improve security and gain assurance that controls over access to confidential information are adequate.

Backup Strategy

The fast moving world of computing is becoming more complex and sophisticated every day. The single system is long gone and complex systems have taken their place in most companies.  Backup systems have become more complicated too.

Backup has become crucial in today’s turbulent IT world. This highly successful service has been specifically designed to make sure all the areas of data management are dealt with effectively.

Professional Backup Review 
We can provide a professional backup review which will asses your system’s strengths and weaknesses. After the visit, you will receive a detailed report which:

  • Allows you to plan proactively for potential ‘disasters’.
  • Ensures efficient processes are in place to recover the situation in the event of a problem.
  • Provides an opportunity to create an unobtrusive back-up policy to prevent the loss of any critical information.

Customer Benefits 
A highly experienced consultant on site to:

  • Investigate the existing IT system and back-up policies.
  • Analyse and evaluate the infrastructure.
  • Provide a detailed report including recommendations
  • Present proposals and ‘the way forward’

What Will the Report Tell You? 
It will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your:

  • Back-up and restore policies
  • Media management processes

It will suggest the best IT structure for your business needs commenting on:

  • New ideas
  • Latest concepts
  • Finest architecture

If you like our recommendations… 
We can also help implement the recommendations in our reports.  For example, we can change your IT system, install new software, adjust its configuration or monitor its performance. We are happy to discuss any of your IT needs with you.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning 
Due to the complexity of business processes including computer infrastructure, building resources, and the human element, an effective disaster recovery plan is difficult to create, so we have designed a disaster recovery packaged service specifically to meet our customer needs

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Proactively plan for the ‘disaster situation’.
  • Minimise risk by highlighting and isolating problems before they happen.
  • Be certain of having the most efficient processes to ensure full business recovery.
  • Develop a non-obtrusive backup policy, which ensures critical data security.

If you like our recommendations… 
We can also help implement the recommendations in our reports. For example, we can change your IT system, install new software, adjust its configuration or monitor its performance. We’d be happy to discuss any of your IT needs with you.

How can we help ?

  • We send a highly experienced consultant on-site to make an initial assessment and review the existing disaster recovery plans and contracts.
  • We conduct detailed discussions with various department heads to gain full information on business processes.
  • Once an understanding of the proposed strategy has been established, the consultant will provide a fully documented business recovery plan. This can be circulated to key personnel for use during a disaster.
  • The consultant will attend the customer site to assist in disaster recovery scenario preparation and testing.
  • We will also implement any recommended software.

Customer Benefits

  • The experience of our dedicated consultant
  • Having a third party to review and develop your existing strategies
  • A business recovery procedure that ensures minimum system outage.

Server Room Design Service

“Innovative Server Room Design for a Rapidly Evolving IT World”

We can provide bespoke server room designs to suit all requirements.   We will provide all IT design work but will bring in building surveyors to handle power, air conditioning, security, CCTV and fire suppression systems etc.  Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation

Networking Services

Companies investing in structured cabling expect it to last but considering the rate at which the industry is moving, many systems only last a few years. Installing the latest technology and selecting components that offer a degree of future proofing for your system can offer considerable benefits.

We provide a range of networking services, including:-

  • Network Analysis & Design on existing & proposed networks
  • Cabinet & Cable Tidying on existing networks, reducing/eliminating the hazard to staff & hardware
  • Voice & Data Network Installation including all cabling, hardware, software, training & support
  • Alterations & Fault Finding including full cable testing

We can supply a wide range of networking hardware, from 10Mbit interface cards to 10/100/1000 auto sensing hubs, switches and routers. As with all our hardware, we only supply top quality branded products from leading manufacturers such as 3Com, Hayes and Hewlett Packard.

However, our engineers will be quite willing to fit equipment specifically requested or supplied by clients.

We can install and configure networks on many of the major Operating Systems including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Small Business Server, UNIX and Linux. This includes hardware, software and cabling, file sharing, network printing and faxing and E-mail.

Virtual Private Networks – VPN

We would also be pleased to provide your company with a competitive quotation for installing a VPN, where appropriate, in order to reduce your Wide Area Network costs by utilising the Internet, without compromising security.

What is a VPN? 
VPN is a way of connecting two or more remote points via an encrypted data stream utilising the Internet. This allows multiple offices or remote users to connect into the main company data centre without the need for long distance phone charges or permanent inter-office connections which are expensive to install and costly to manage and support.

Why do I need a VPN? 
As access to data and information becomes more critical for all workers, it is a cost efficient way to allow mobile users, remote users and remote offices to connect to the corporate network.

Is it secure? 
Once a VPN session is established, a secure connection between two private networks over a public medium like the Internet is created. Network traffic is encrypted, typically using a 56-bit key although higher levels of encryption are possible. It is suggested that a dedicated team of hackers would take over a year to break the key.

How does it work? 
The technology is transient in that it only requires the user end software and a connection to the Internet. This software resides either on the remote user’s laptop or on a firewall at the remote office. The VPN encrypts the data at the sender’s end and decrypts the data at the recipient’s end. The main office creates the encrypted sessions via software sitting on the company firewall. As the remote office / user connects to the company’s firewall, their connection is queried and a “handshake” ensues. This takes the form of a nine stage authentication process, leading to the production of an ‘encrypted secure data tunnel’. IP traffic is then passed over this tunnel in a secure environment between the company and the remote location.

Why should I use a VPN?

  • VPN’s are less expensive to operate than private networks, from management, bandwidth and capital perspectives.
  • The payback period for VPN equipment is generally measured in months instead of years.
  • VPN’s enable enterprises to focus on their core business objectives instead of running the corporate network.
  • A VPN can utilise the most pervasive transport technologies available today:
    • The Internet
    • Service provider IP backbones
    • Frame Relay
  • LAN to LAN connectivity costs are typically reduced by 20-40% over domestic leased-line networks.

Wireless Networking Services

“What can a wireless network do for me?”

We can arrive at your home or business and install wireless as it should be – as simple as a cordless phone, as secure as online banking. We won’t try to blind you with jargon, and use only the best, most reliable equipment at extremely good prices.

If you have any questions at all, please do email or call us – Did you know you don’t need broadband to set up a wireless network or that:

  • Some “base stations” have modems and can dial up the internet using your current Service Provider.
  • Some now have ADSL modems built in.
  • You can share printers and files wirelessly.
  • You have a firewall built in to the “base station” stopping would- be intruders on your PCs.
  • You can use your PDA to surf from your shared connection.
  • We can provide building to building links even if you can’t see from one to another.

If you are waiting for a wireless network before you install broadband, we can advise on the best services too. We can supply high quality broadband connections with static IP addresses. (a static IP address means you can host websites or services easily)

We only use high quality suppliers and have a strong distributor supply chain to pass exceptional value on to you.

Contact us for a free no obligation quote for setting up a hassle free wireless network, and to discover what we can do for your business.

Support Contracts

We provide a variety of support contract options to keep your business going when you most need it. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.