Portable Apps – All your favourite Apps with you where ever you go!

So what are Portable Apps you ask?

Portable Apps are software titles that you can take with you wherever you go, without the need to install on each new PC or Laptop that you decide to use.

What are the benefits to me?

You can take your favourite browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with you and have all of your History, Bookmarks and stored data ready to use.
You could have Libre Office (An MS Office equivilant of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote) configured with your templates and take it to Work, School or a Friend house and work the same way everywhere.

How does it work?

PortableApps.com compile a list of tested software from lots of major Open Source software developers. You can then install the PortableApps platform on either a removable disk, SD Card or even a cloud account such as SkyDrive or Dropbox. Then when you plug in your USB Flash Drive or open the PortableApps Launcher via a cloud folder you have access to all of your favourite Apps. (Example shown below)

You can then use all your Apps everywhere for Free! without worrying about which settings and customisations you’ve made on each computer, or remebering which PC you book marked that interesting online article on.

For a limited time we will be offering to sell a 32GB USB Flash Drive with;

  • Libre Office – Configured for maximum compatability with the Microsoft Office suite of products
  • Firefoz – With your bookmarks imported from your current browser (IE, Chrome or Firefox.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird – Configured to recieve your existing email account
  • Plus any other Apps on the PortbaleApps Directory installed ready to go.


All for just £35 – A treat for yourself or a perfect gift for that person constantly on the go!