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    Laptops come in all shapes, sizes, colours and configurations, and while it’s nice to be spoilt for choice now and again, when the time comes to put down your hard-earned cash and pick out a new laptop, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of devices on offer. The following guide has been designed to help give you a better idea of the varieties of laptops on the market, what they are capable of, and which is right for you. We won’t go into specific brands, instead we’ll be taking a look at some popular laptop types, dissecting their pros and cons.

    The budget laptop

    If you’re fed up of firing up your PC every time you want to surf the web or fire off a quick email, a budget laptop might be the answer. While budget laptops may not have the power to run intensive programs, for everyday tasks, such as internet browsing, online shopping, and media streaming, they are more than up to the job. They are also great for people without much knowledge of computers, making them great entry-level machines.

    The family laptop

    If you are planning to buy a laptop for family use, it’s usually a good idea to aim for something a little larger and with more advanced specifications than a budget laptop. While this means they are generally more expensive, it also means they will be able to handle almost everything your family can throw at them, from web browsing, homework, and emails, to more demanding tasks like online gaming. Their medium-sized screens are also great for watching TV programmes on, making them the ideal choice for families who spend their evenings fighting for control of the TV remote.

    The ultra-portable laptop

    If portability is what you are looking for in a laptop, your needs will be best served by an ultra-portable model. These ultra-thin, featherweight devices are designed to slot easily into a bag or briefcase. Recent advances in technology mean these tiny laptops are no longer the runt of the litter, and most have enviable specs, beefy processors and responsive load times. This makes them ideal for people who travel constantly and want to work on the go.

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