cPanel x – Add Auto Responders

Out of office/Auto Responders

These instructions will help you set up out of office automatic replies, or auto-repsones to abandoned emails addresses via your cPanel

  1. Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer
  2. In the Address bar type   NotWorking?
  3. you will be prompted to enter your username and password (If you’ve forgotten these details give us a call)
  4. You will now be on the main cPanel that should look lie this;

    cPanel X Home Screen MendMyComputer

    cPanel X Home Screen

  5. Click the Auto Responders Icon
  6. Either watch the how to video by clicking the link top left – or proceed with the steps below
  7. Click the ‘Add Auto Responder’ button
  8. Click into the email entry box, and type the email address that you want the auto responder to monitor and reply to
    This is the local part i.e. the bit before the @ symbol only
  9. In the From box type the full email that you want the auto response to be sent from e.g. no
  10.  Fill in the subject and the body and, if you wish the Auto Responder to start immediately until further notice, click Create/Modify
  11. If you want the auto responder to function between set dates and times – then enter the start and finish times using the bottom options
    Saves you remembering to turn Auto Responses back off when you return from a break…

*Mail only Hosting with website hosted elsewhere

If you have Email only hosting with ourselves and your website is hosted via another hosting provider then may not work as the www. will point to your other hosting, in that instance use instead as this will point to our servers