Restoring Usability to Windows 8

We’ve all been there if we tried/used Windows 8 for the first time. “Where’s my Start Menu gone?” We press the Start Button on our Keyboard to be flung back to the new “Start Screen”.

Well how am I supposed to open my programs quickly and easily, with no Start Menu?

Option 1: – ‘Pin’ all of your regular programs to your Task Bar

When you’ve finally managed to open the application you wanted such as FireFox or Microsoft Word. You’ll see it’s familiar Icon on the TaskBar at the bottom of your Desktop screen. Simply Right Click on the Tile Icon, then choose Pin to TaskBar as shown in the picture below.
Pin to Taskbar

Once you’ve done that you now have 1Click access to your favourite programs.

If you right click an Icon you get access to the Recently opened files in relation to that program, and if you constantly refer to certain files you can have them permanently pinned to the list (see below).
Pinned files to Taskbar Menu

Option 2 – Use ClassicShell to create/restore a Start Menu in Windows 8

Head on over to to download the Free 3rd Party Open source application. Once there simply click on the download latest version button like the image below.

Once Downloaded, Run the installer and chose which ‘Classic’ options you wish to Install, such as Classic StartMenu, Classic Explorer, & Classic IE9.

Once installation has finished chose your own customisations the first time you click on your new StartMenu and Enjoy.