Setting up an email account for Blackerry using BIS (Blackberry Internet Service)

Should i be using BIS for setting up my email?

Unless you’re setting up an email account which is part of an exchange enviroment (usually small Businesses or above) then you will probably want to set-up your email using BIS via your Network provider.

You can setup your account for IMAP access by visiting your providers BIS page (Links provided below)

In order to create an account, you must have the following information;

  • Device PIN
  • Device IMEI
  • Mailbox username (The email address of the mailbox you created)
  • Mailbox password (The password you chose when you created your mailbox)      *Your email provider can provide these last two bits of information

Once you’ve logged into your account and selected to add an email address, you will see a screen like the following;

Blackberry Oarnge BIS setup new email address

You enter your username (Usually, but not always, your email in full) and your password (the same as you’d use if you logged into your email via webmail.

You will now receive some emails form Blackberry and within 10-15 minutes should be able to send and receive mail from your Blackberry device.

Links below to the different UK Carriers BIS pages to help make it easy.