FREE Virus Check

Below are a secetion of online virus scanners to help you clean you system and get you going. These will not protect you but will only help clean an already infected computer.

Eset Online Scanner

What Next?

Now you’re clean or believe your free of your infection, it’s time to get some preventative software on. Why not download a free trial of Trend Micro’s Internet Security, and if you’re happy with it come in store to purchase a license. If you’re a Mac user then try Titanium Smart Surfing for Mac or for less powerful Netbook users try Trend’s light solution Titanium Security for Netbooks 2012

Not after a paid for solution?

If you’re really not willing to pay a yearly subscription for the most up to date security then there are still some options for you to choose. We personally recommend AVG Antivirus Free 2012 or Panda Cloud Antivirus Free