Hosting FAQ

What is Web Hosting?

When visiting a website, you are accessing files on a web server. Web hosting can be thought of as renting space on a web server.

How long will it take for my domain to start working?

A domain name can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate on the internet. If your domain is a new registration done through Mend My Computer we will change the name servers for you. If you are transferring your domain name to Mend My Computer you will receive an email with these details.

Do you offer a control panel with your hosting service?

Yes. We offer cpanel control panel. You will be able to manage all aspects of your hosting through this easy to use tool.

How do I set up email accounts?

In your web hosting control panel, go to Mail and add/remove email accounts.

What is Bandwith?

Bandwith is the total amount of data that you will be transferring from your website to your visitors computers per month. It includes both web visits and email traffic.

How do I access webmail?

Access webmail by going to the following address as username enter full email address and your password given when you set it up in the control panel.

How do I access my hosting control panel?

Go to the following address

Do I get charged for things I don’t need?

Not at all, we offer a base package and then you can select items that you require from our pricing matrix.

How do I transfer files to my website?

By using an ftp programme like ws_ftp, cute ftp you can upload your files to your hosting space.

Required Paths
Path to users:/home/username/public_html
Path to curl: /usr/bin/curl
Path to perl: /usr/bon/perl
Path sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail

Do you offer shell access?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer this option due to security reasons. Instead, you can use the Cpanel File Manager.

Will you place adverts on my site?

No, we will not place adverts on your site.

Do you allow adult content sites?

No, on our servers, we do not allow adult content websites.

What is shared (also known as “virtual”) web hosting?

This means that your website resides on a server simultaneously hosting other sites. Your site will have allocated to it, a set amount of data transfer and disk space. Although the server is being shared by other sites, your site’s files are securely protected and cannot be accessed by the server’s other users.

Can I upgrade my hosting package in the future?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time and we will arrange it for you.

What should I set the incoming and outgoing mail to when setting up my emails in my email programme?

You should set both mail servers as

Can I transfer my domain to you?

Yes, you can transfer your domain to us.

Do you support Front Page extensions?

Yes, it is FREE with your hosting space. Please ask us to enable this feature for you.

I have bought a hosting package; do I need to use your ISP service to upload my files?

NO. You can use any ISP

Can I still use your web hosting services if I have registered my domain name elsewhere?

Yes. When we process your order we will also send you the required DNS (name servers) where your domain name should point to in order for the hosting service to work. This will take approximately 24 hours to take effect.