• Will you need a new PC for Windows 10?

    Posted on February 3, 2015 by in Software

    Since Microsoft officially unveiled its upcoming Windows 10 operating system, lots of Windows PC users have been wondering if they can upgrade to the new operating system (likely to be released around October) on their existing machines, or if they will need a new computer.

    This used to be a major issue whenever there was a Windows upgrade, but the last couple of launches have seen very little increase in system demands by the operating system.

    In fact, as Windows 10 will be offered as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users for the first year, it should be relatively straightforward for those users to upgrade their existing computers. In fact, you probably won’t even need to backup your files, or format your hard drive, as the new OS should install neatly over your existing operating system.

    Of course, some users will be quite happy to upgrade from their old desktop machine or notebook. So, there will be a whole new range of hardware available from Microsoft and its partners, with the super sleek Surface Pro 4 tablet, new Ultrabooks and a range of powerful desktop hardware.

    A new feature of Windows 10 will be DirectX 12, which will improve gaming performance, but only for cutting edge titles, and most features in DirectX 12 will work with existing video cards. For general use, these new machines will all be more power efficient, using the latest Intel processors. That will improve battery life for portables, while greater use of SSD drives and Flash storage mean lighter machines for us to carry around, which is another good reason for an upgrade.

    The final area that might nudge you into an upgrade is the improvement in screen resolution on modern displays. With tablets and smartphones claiming Retina or Quad-HD displays, expect more notebooks to come with very high resolution screens for excellent quality visuals with individual pixels a thing of the past.

    In summary, as long as you have a machine that’s only two or three years old, it shouldn’t need to be upgraded to run the new operating system. If you do decided to upgrade, or you simply need some friendly help and advice on your options, our remote support and service teams in the Kidderminster area are happy to help.

    Photo: Windows 7 + MacBook by Esparta licensed under Creative commons 4

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